Alerces Spanish Preschool & Kindergarten Inc.

Nurturing mindful, creative, bilingual children

Yoga for Kids

Co-director Bati McComas combined her love of yoga with her love of teaching and pursued Yoga for Youth teacher training to bring child-focused yoga classes to Alerces. Through physical play and fun Bati teaches students to be aware of how their body takes up space in their environment and how they move through that space. Children learn to focus through both movement and stillness with engaging storytelling interwoven with life lessons to encourage kindness and respect. Through yoga children learn self calming techniques and cooperation.

Yoga for Children is an integrative, meaningful and holistic way of learning. Children will experience physical, intellectual, social, and emotional benefits through exploration of movement, channeling emotions, developing motor skills, and generating meaningful connections with their knowledge. We will explore themes in our yoga practice: nature, space, and animal kingdoms. Children will be able to recognize yoga as a fun support tool to reduce anxiety and stress. It will increase flexibility, focus and mindfulness; discovering and developing skills, and self confidence.

Instructor: Bati McComas

Assistants: Group Teachers

Class Design

1. Educational Elements:

  • Sensorial exploration/ CoordinatioFreedom of movement
  • Freedom of choice to participate at the child’s own pace and ability
  • Language development
  • Coordination and refinement of movement with an understanding of sequence
  • Grace and courtesy within the group
  • Artistic expression
  • Development of cognitive contents such as Math, Literacy, Writing, Science, Role Play/ Planning and Organization

2. Props:

  • Yoga Mats & Yoga Blocks
  • Tibetan Bells, Singing Bowl & Oils
  • Small Chairs & Bean Bags,
  • Ropes, Balloons, Cotton Balls, Hula-Hoops
  • Natural elements - rocks, crystals, feathers, leaves
  • Books & Yoga Cards, Yoga Jenga, Surprise Bag

3. Intention:

We discuss how we are feeling and then what we will focus at the moment of practice.

4. Warm up:

Stretching and a series of interconnected poses or “vinyasas”

5. Connect:

Connection with others and our environment

6. Activity:

Thematic activity based on the intention of the class and can involve large group games or music/dancing.

7. Breath:

Breathing techniques, practices of cooling or heating breath, mindful exercises

8. Arts & Crafts:

As personal or group evaluation and reading of the experiences

9. Partner Poses:

Students learn and practice one partner pose each class

10. Meditation:

Guided Meditations. Body Sensing/ Breath Sensing/ Imaging/ Visualizing

11. Gratitude:

Moment to silently be grateful for something in our lives.

Namaste: we salute and honour each other