Alerces Spanish Preschool & Kindergarten Inc.

Nurturing mindful, creative, bilingual children

Our History

Alerces opened its doors September 2007 in Saskatoon, as the dream of Bati McComas and Maru Aguirre. Bati (from Argentina) and Maru (from Colombia) joined forces to open the first Spanish Immersion Preschool in Saskatchewan, to overwhelming success.

The idea of “Alerces” was born from Bati & Maru's passion to bring to the Saskatoon community the first Spanish Immersion program for children, using a completely new and unique approach.

The focus on the learning of Spanish contributes to the consolidation of our Canadian Mosaic culture. Bati & Maru also share their passions of yoga and the Forest and Outdoor School Program offering students an ample range of enriching learning experiences in a playful environment.

The Alerces name belongs to a wonderful tree, whose remaining forests grow in Chile and Argentina. It is an example of nobility, longevity and durability. These traits are part of what your children will develop at Alerces, a set of valuable experiences and knowledge that will stay in their lives forever.

Why Reggio Emilia Inspired?

Our program is based on the Reggio Emilia approach to education (we are permanently learning through, observation of children’s work and needs) combined with a variety of Spanish methodologies to provide the best learning experience for each student.

We recognize that each child has a personal and unique learning approach, and we are beside them ready to help, guide, encourage and provoke, and provide motivation to challenge their processes. 

At Alerces, teachers and parents become children’s co-learners.

Alerces is a Licensed Child Care Centre by Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Early Years and Child Care branch.

We blend the latest early learning studies, the constructivist, social constructivist, and systems thinking theories of Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner, Hawkins, Gardner, Malaguzzi, Rinaldi, Ferreiro; and as all learning environments, the early contributions of Montessori, Fröbel, and Steiner, they recognized that children have unique needs and capabilities, learning through play and self discovery.

Alerces follows "Play and Exploration Early Learning Program Guide" of Saskatchewan, ECERS-R and The New Saskatchewan Curriculum with inquiry approach.