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Alerces Field Trips

A field trip to the fire hall! A popular favourite for preschool and kindergarten children as they get to experience the thrill of climbing into the large truck, trying on protective gear, holding the hoses and letting their imaginations soar to fantastic exciting rescue missions where they are the hero that saves the day.

Student School Field Trips in Saskatoon

Real World Experiences. Integrated Learning.

At Alerces we believe strongly in experience as education with valuable life lessons occurring in our natural environment all around us everyday. We endeavour to incorporate those experiences into teachable moments through field trips with the help of parents in our community. Every year we include popular field trips as well as requests from parents to share their workplaces and favourite events with us. We schedule field trips in each month of the year to provide both our preschool and kindergarten aged students with the opportunity to participate in these wonderful educational opportunities.

Children have an opportunity to step outside of the classroom and experience real life scenarios with our wide community of experts, apart from our team of teachers. Children learn the value of active listening, engaging in question and answer time with the presenters and developing interpersonal skills as they learn patience, social expectations, peer support, communication, and hands-on learning.

An added benefit of field trips is holistic learning as children learn to apply their knowledge, social emotional skills, concepts of language, music, science, technology, engineering and math. Our students may visit a pottery studio and learn the art of working with different mediums to create something from natural materials, apply colour and texture and add heat to produce a beautiful keepsake that is both functional and beautiful. Students may experience the wonder and excitement of technology through trips to the Synchrotron, Vetavision and the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. Children learn the value of community supported and government funded initiatives with visits to City Hall, Stars Air Ambulance, and the Forestry Farm. Our students learn compassion and the importance of intergenerational learning through visits to care homes such as Sunnyside Care Home where one of our families invited us to visit their elderly relative, other residents and staff. We value the learning experience of the children who attend Alerces and believe the benefit extends far beyond the personal growth of the children and reaches into the lives of those around them creating a community rooted in multi-generational learning as children take home and share the lessons of what they have experienced throughout the day. Listed below are 22 examples of field trips we have taken with the children during an academic year, averaging 2 field trips a month. Each year is unique, but some excursions we take every year.

Blackfox Farm Pumpkin Festival

Vetavision - College of Veterinary Medicine

Dutch Growers' Garden Centre Children's Maze

Francis Morrison Public Library - Pooh Corner Story Time

Stars Air Ambulance

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Restaurant Rock Creek Grill

Saskatoon City Hall

Nutrien Wonderhub

Crickle Creek

Nutrien Children's Festival of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon Fire Hall

Canadian Light Source Synchrotron

Western Development Museum

Martial Arts Centre

Sunnyside Care Home

Natural Science Museum

College of Agriculture & Bioresources: Plant Science Department

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Museum of Antiquities

Saskatoon Nature City Festival

Family Acreage of a Student

Saskatoon Railway Museum

Spray Park